Digital Psychology and Persuasion (Part Twelve - Final)

HOW TO “TEAR DOWN” (OR ACCESS) YOUR OWN PAGE COPYConventional page tear downs or heuristic analysis can be uniquely opinion based, most of which are contradictory. So a better way to “tear down” is to;·Base them on (yet to be this) proven persuasion principles·Use them on a gap analysis, not a re-writing guide·They can’t tell you what will work, only what likely isn’t The basis of the copy tear down explained here is the melding of three different approaches to persuasion. “MEClab’s conversion sequence Heuristic”, “chialdini’s principles of persuasion”, “claude Hopkin’s scientific Advertising”.Teardown Framework – MEClab’s conversion Heuristic Formula. (NB: This is not a mathematical formula but a mathematical-like symbols to be able to convey what the power of each element in this sort of mix of key components trying to make a persuasive argument).C = 4M +3V +2(I – F) - 2AC = Probability of conversionI = IncentivesM = Motivation (when)F = FrictionV = Clarity of value…

Digital Psychology and Persuasion (Part Eleven)

HEURISTIC ANALYSIS FRAMEWORKS FOR CONVERSION OPTIMIZATION AUDITSINTRODUCTION TO HEURISTIC ANALYSISBefore diving into this study, it is essential to ask;·What different methods for analytical websites do you already use·Which of these methods delivered the best results?Why Heuristics Evaluation?i.There are multiple methods of analysisii.Most optimizer are not aware of the pros and cons.Heuristic Evaluation is basically used to answer the question:Is this a good website? What makes this website good?Analyzing websites using gut feeling is not always the best why because;i.People make their decisions mostly in contrastii.Voice of customer methods does not tell us what the deeper principles areiii.Data doesn’t show the reason, it sows he results of user behaviorAn understanding of user behavior can help us understand the data. It is therefore essential to use both qualitative methods to tell us why things happen, and quantitative data telling you what happened.In optimizing a website, one…

Digital Psychology and Persuasion (Part Ten)

PSYCHOLOGY OF PRODUCTS: (Get users’ engaged using Cues and triggers)There are different platforms that provides the same needs, but the bests are no necessarily the best in technological products but the best in psychological products. The pathway to understand the psychology of products are;·What are the parts users often take and why?·Think of what they mostly do out of the product, not just in it.·Think of user story.AGENDA·Get users engaged (by using cues and triggers- External or internal)·Complete the action·Keep them coming backTRIGGERS: could be internal or external. Internal triggers are urge we get to use a product; e.g. boredom, depression etc. while external triggers are promptings to act, but these triggers must be rally clear, sent at the right time and must be exciting and engaging.Complete the action: To aid them complete actions, you must keep them engaged by helping them to start and building small habits. But one must clearly define the key action of engagement by;·…

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